Shipping Information

When will my order arrive?

In case of Hungary: orders received by noon will be handled over GLS on the same day. So if you order your product(s) by 12:00 pm, the GLS courier will deliver it the following working day. (Applies only for working days)

Orders abroad take 3-5 business days.

How can I get more information about my order?

After handling over your package, GLS will send you a text message or email informing you that your package has been dispatched from us. If you call the GLS central phone number, you can find out where the delivery is.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we do to the following countries: Austria, Germany and Slovakia.

In case you are located in a different country, please drop up an email to to discuss how it can be worked out.

Do you deliver during weekend?

Unfortunately, GLS couriers don’t work on weekends, so they can only deliver your order during weekdays/ working days. However, we do our best to handle your package to GLS as quickly as possible.

I have a question that was not answer here. How and where can I ask you?

You can contact us at or call +3630 430 6960

Payment methods

You can pay by bank card (credit or debit) :

. The payment details are protected by audited security systems that meet international requirements.

Our online payment partner: PAYLIKE


At YogaSutra, we use 256-bit SSL encryption certified by let’s Encrypt Authority. For this reason, you can browse our site over a secure HTTPS connection.

This is essential to ensure that you can use your credit card in complete security for your purchases, as your card details will not be accessed or sent to us!

We also confirm your safe purchase with our 100% guarantee.

You can find out more about the garantee here

Cash on delivery (applies in Hungary only!):

It is also possible to complete the order by card or in cash when receiving the ordered product(s) at GLS courier service provider. This should be checked with them

The extra cost of payment when opting for cash in delivery is: 1200 Ft

Good to know part: