Ingyenes házhozszállítás 17000 Ft felett

When we were introduced to cork mat it was love at first sight. It is equipped with all the features that a yoga mat has to possess! The cork became our passion.

The YogaSutra team is an environmentally friendly community.

Our philosophy is to contribute to the preservation of our wonderful planet, the improvement of our earth, and, last but not least, the preservation of our health.

You know the saying, “Health is not everything but without health everything is nothing.”

There are many “cheap” mattresses on the market that unfortunately are made with toxic, dangerous plastics and other chemicals.

As we spend a lot of time on our yoga mats, it’s important to work on a mattress that is safe instead of  absorbing even more chemicals back in through your toxic yoga escpacially when doing your deep belly breathing!

So after a long research, and having tried different mats, we found out that the cork mat is the Number One #1 .

Why?  well, because;

Firstly, the cork either wet or dry, -it stays extremely slip resistant and sticky. You can focus 100% on the yoga poses.

It offers great grip and gentle support, which means you can have a safer and more confident yoga practice every time.


Secondly, cork is a renewable, environmentally friendly resource, (Read more). Light and super fast drying.

And perhaps the most excellent feature is that the cork is naturally antimicrobial – kills the bacteria, which basically means  that  cork is actually a self cleaning surface, meaning it’s cleaning itself.

Any nasty smells, germs or bacteria isn’t going to stick around on your mat since this is a completely self cleaning surface.

As the world changes and evolves, so yoga as well. Yoga exercises are also about evolution. You learn poses, improve and become more confident in different potures. And over time, breathing becomes conscious and deeper to balance your body, mind, and spirit. (Read more)

As yoga practitioners, we can say that the yoga mats we use have an impact on our exercises and also ourselves!

That’s why it makes sense to find the yoga mat that has also improved, and this is nothing more than our exclusive, unique YogaSutra Cork Mat in Hungary.

A Barion okos fizetést a Barion Payment Zrt. mint e-pénz kibocsátó üzemelteti a Magyar Nemzeti Bank felügyelete alatt. MNB engedélyszám: H-EN-I-1064/2013

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