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When we first experienced the cork mat, it was love at first sight. It is endowed with all the features that a yoga mat should have! Cork has become our passion.

parafa matrac

THE YogaSutra his team is an eco-friendly community. Our philosophy is, to help preserve our wonderful planet, make our earth better, and last but not least, preserve our health.

You know the old idiom “without health, there’s nothing.”

We have tried out a bunch of mats on the market, which were slippery and unfortunately, environmental unfriendly.

Since we spend a lot of time on our yoga mats, it is important to use an eco-friendly, recyclable one. Not only to protect our Planet but also to preserve our health.

So after a long research– we got acquainted with the best cork yoga mat. Why? That’s because;

Prémium Jógaszőnyeg

First of all,

Non-slip properties dry or wet, you can focus on your poses. It keeps you stable in your practice. It offers amazing cushion and gentle support, which provides safer and confident workout every time.

Természetes parafa matrac
Természetes parafa matrac


cork is a renewable, environmentally friendly resource. Ultra light and dries super fast. It is impermeable to water – so the mat will dry in minutes. And perhaps the most excellent feature is that cork is a naturally anti-microbial substance, killing bacteria, germs and smells. Which essentially means that it's a self-cleaning mat.

Unlike other yoga mats that can carry a lot of bacteria, not to mention the smells. We can prevent all these by using YogaSutra cork mat. .

Yoga Sutra Parafamatrac
Természetes parafa jógamatrac

Yoga Sutra deals exclusively with yoga cork mats made in Portugal.
They are made of 100% natural, high-quality Cork, we do not use cork dust. Our cork mats are made by slicing and pressing the bark.
We use EVA foam at the bottom of our yoga mat, which is manufactured in Italy. EVA is a relatively new material that is recyclable, easily degradable, odorless, shock-resistant, flexible, non slip, and lightweight. Furthermore, all of our products are vegan and cruelty-free

Our yoga mat affects our practice and ourselves! Therefore it would make sense to find the yoga mat that has also evolved. Check our YogaSutra Cork Mat unique in Hungary.

Yoga Sutra
Yoga Sutra